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Pat loves variety and solutions as reflected in her 30+ years of diverse personal and professional experiences.  She has worked as an accountant, financial analyst, tax specialist, teacher/trainer, financial sales associate, Executive Director of two community development corporations, consultant, grant writer, and avid volunteer leader.  Her experience was gained with various Fortune 100 corporations, small businesses, emerging entrepreneurs, governmental, educational and community-based organizations.  Thus, she has brought to Davidson Realty her experience in producing business solutions, community solutions, and her love of helping others achieve their goals to help you with your Real Estate solutions.
Because she loves to help others, even in the midst of her own struggles, Pat refers to herself as a “social worker” with an MBA.  She earned the MBA at Southern Methodist University (Dallas) with a concentration in accounting with a touch of entrepreneurship.  She also earned a B.S. in business education from Bethune-Cookman University (Daytona). 

She is a native Floridian (City of Alachua) who has lived in 8 states and 16 cities.  She has always felt that she was always a “big city girl” who happens to have been born (literally) and raised on a small town farm.  So… after graduating from high school, as valedictorian, she went off with the goal of living in as many big cities as she could fit in during her lifetime. However, she indicates it was that small town character building upbringing that instilled a strong sense of ethics and community.  She believes in the golden rule and that we are our brothers’ keeper.  The world is large but we are all from the same village.  Her most prized possession is the magnificent friends she has across the United States.  She believes that her mom, daughter, and her friends were her greatest blessing.

Pat wants clients to know that “when you engage my skills, (1) I will always employ care, commitment and competence on your behalf; and (2) You will receive superior on-going customer service with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality as she and the Davidson team employ a unique client-centered process to help you identify and acquire your real estate solutions.

Indeed, she joined Davidson because she discovered, they are best positioned to help her get you the best possible outcome!

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