Jeanne Denton-Scheck

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Jeanne grew up in the “Heartlands, breadbasket” or in other words, Kansas City. She didn’t realize it as a child, but she had the best of both worlds…city and country! Jeanne’s father was involved with the railroad, so she got to spend time in Denver, Kansas, Colorado Springs and Chicago. Jeanne grew up in a community of approximately 6,000, so everyone definitely knew each other’s names.

Jeanne studied Education at Ft. Hayes State University and spent 10 years in the classroom. She has been a Realtor in Florida for 20 years and believes it’s an honor to assist someone with their real estate needs.

Jeanne loves to travel and will try whatever local delicacies there are to partake in. Cooking and baking are hobbies she enjoys! Family is extremely important to her. She has two grown children, one of which she is fortunate to have live nearby with her only grandchild.

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