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Ciara Napoleon, Licensed Residential Real Estate Specialist. Building lasting relationships by providing top notch service in both St. Johns & Duval County. Ciara finds joy in helping her customers attain wealth. Buying a home yet remains the most promising way to build wealth in the U.S. Whether you're looking for a Dream home, investment property, or starter home Ciara can help you locate your next treasure.

Ciara was born in Itzehoe, Germany and raised in the Intracoastal area of Jacksonville, FL. On her free time Ciara is a total Foodie, she enjoys traveling and Food tasting. Believe it or not she has an equal love for all things physical; some of which include hiking, biking, kayaking, & kick boxing. Exercising apparently makes room for more food. If i had to choose i'd say Laughter and positive Energy are the two most memorable aspects of Ciara's nature.

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