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Brenda comes to us with a varied background.  She was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington and then joined the United States Navy where she served for three years.  From there she met and married her husband, Louis.  Louis got transferred to Orlando, Florida where Brenda finished her BS in Business at the University of Central Florida. With their many moves, she became a police officer in West Palm Beach, Florida.  When they eventually got to Ponte Vedra Beach they had a family in tow.  She enjoys reading and learning so it was logical for her to attend the Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida.  The family next went to Tennessee where she partnered with a friend and they owned and operated a real estate closing business.  Subsequently, Montgomery, Alabama followed and then back to Florida, specifically St. Augustine.  Brenda loves St. Augustine and especially St. Augustine Beach.  She has lived in and enjoyed exploring many of the Florida’s east coast cities.  She has also spent some time in Miami and the Keys.

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